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What You Need to Know about Obamacare:  Common Questions Answered


The Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, is essentially a framework of federal rules around health-care coverage. Health insurance companies are now required to pay for a certain minimum amount of health care and services, and to remove caps (the maximum amount they'll cover) on certain care. The law sets up a system for guaranteed coverage and a "Patient's Bill of Rights," which establishes certain protections for consumers. In late 2017, the Trump administration repealed the individual mandate, meaning that by 2019 it will no longer be a requirement to buy health care coverage. 


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Samantha Jones

“As a temporary employee, I didn't qualify for the company's health plan. But, I found affordable options at TrueHealthcare”

Samantha Jones

“Life was a bit chaotic after my divorce; moving; career changes. I couldn't afford my ex-wife's plan, but TrueHealthcare had affordable options.”

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